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No matter your age, a bicycle ride is all about pleasure, freedom and cheer happiness. With that in mind, Polisport presents Kid. This colorful and charily designed helmet was engineered to make every ride completely enjoyable. With that in mind, it offers a little more than comfort and safety.


A helmet designed for little kids.

Empowering and protecting. That’s how we think of kids helmets and it shows. Designed for little children, this model features 12 cooling vents protected on the front side with a bug net. With a very comfortable shape, the helmets offer washable paddings.
You can easily adjust the helmet using its unique, easy lock system, 3-point safety harness guarantees a perfect fit. You can also peek between graphics suitable for little girls, or little boys.
Others features:
Adjustablethree-pointsafety harness
Bug net.
Easy lock system.
Washable paddings.

Standards:CE-EN 1078
Size:XS 46-53 cm / 18,11 – 20,87 ”
Weight:230 gr / 0,51 lb
Cooling vents:12
This helmet was tested and homologatedaccording to EuropeanStandard EN1078 – “Helmets for pedal cyclists and for usersof skateboardsand roller skates.´´.

The helmet must be kept away from any heat source (do notleave it inside the car or any other place directly or indirectlyexposed tosolar radiation). High temperatures lead to the deterioration of thehelmet andconsequent loss of its characteristics (namely the absorption of energy); thismeans it will fall off any guarantee given by Polisport;

The maximum temperature at which the helmet maybe exposedto is 50ºC (112ºF);

The helmet must be cleaned only with water and a soft cloth. The use or application of sprays or cleaning agents, chemical substances(including ammonia) and solvents, may result in the degradation ofthe characteristicsof the helmet (and in the loss of the guarantee)

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