Polisport T500 Thermal Bottle 8645500001 – Black/Green


SKU: POL-8645500001

This bottle is designed to transport water during any sports activity, both in training and in competition.



Polisport T500 Thermal Bottle features the following:

  • Designed in a small body, but with an increased capacity, T500 offers not only an excellent squeeze but also a superb 4hour thermal capacity. T500 is quite smaller than the thermal bottles that we are used to and will be your new top accessory for this summer cycling or outdoor activities.
  • Due to its clever design, you can use it as a thermal bottle to keep your beverage colder, on those hot sunny days, or use it as a standard bottle and increase the bottle capacity. This non-thermal option increases the bottle capacity from 500ml to 650 ml.
  • In the thermal option, at, for example, an outside temperature of 23°C, the temperature of the liquid inside the bottle will remain between 5°C and 15°C . This thermal capacity is possible due to an interior foam with an aluminum membrane that maintains the temperature.
  • The protective cap of the bottle, besides the benefits of usage on a more adventurer cycle path, is also a good option for your gym sessions, long walks, or trails.

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