Polisport Quick Release Frame Holder 8640600001


SKU: POL-8640600001

The Quick Release Frame Mount holder allows you to easily and quickly mount and dismount your baby seat on your bike.



Polisport quick release frame holder features the following:

  • Used on the following Polisport Frame Mount Child Seats: Groovy, Guppy, Koolah, Joy
  • Fits frames from 28 to 40 mm.
  • Frame length required – 105 mm.
  • Fits round and oval tubes.
  • Green indicators appear when the seat is correctly assembled.
  • Smoother fitting – All the screws remain built-in inside the holder.
  • Designed to accommodate the brake cable preventing it from being pinched.
  • Rubber pad inside to prevent the frame from getting damaged.
  • The system is removed quickly and easily – slightly push the holder button and simultaneously pull the seat up and backward. No need to remove the holder for uncoupling the seat.
  • Tools included.

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