Polisport E-Blaze LED Headlight 8670800001 – White/Black


SKU: POL-8670800001

The Polisport E-Blaze LED headlight is one of a kind, with its slim design that resembles a number plate. This will give the bike a slimmer and modern look, that will bring it closer to a MX model. The headlight also features a large area for decoration, to be customized with decals.



The Polisport E-Blaze LED Headlight features the following:

  • Slim design that resembles a number plate
  • Large area for decals
  • Includes 6 adjustable LED units
  • Produces a symmetrical passing beam and/or driving beam. No difference between right/left hand drive
  • Passing beam output (4 LEDs): 656 lumens – 13.2 V; 7.3 W
  • Driving beam output (6 LEDs): 984 lumens – 13.2 V; 14.7 W
  • Works with AC/DC 12V
  • Mounting kit included

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